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Will You Upgrade Your World with Windows 10?

What is the true cost of the free upgrade to Windows 10 and will Microsoft's #UpgradeYourWorld change how you think about digital development in your organisation?

Will You Upgrade Your World with Windows 10?

With the release of Windows' new operating system, Windows 10, on 4th August 2015, Microsoft announced FREE upgrades for people running genuine version of Windows 7 & 8.1.

This is great news, in theory, for the third sector who can access the latest software without it costing them a penny...or is it?

The barriers to third sector organisations adopting new technology are usually boiled down to:
  1. Awareness, or lack of it, in terms of tools available
  2. Knowledge, or lack of it, in terms of what the tools can do for the organisation/business
  3. Finance, or lack of it, in terms of procurement and effective, ongoing training for teams
  4. Time, or lack of it, in terms of a change management programme making leaders put the brakes on frontline firefighting, looking internally and time for training people

So an instant FREE upgrade may mean the Awareness box is ticked, without putting enough effective planning in the Knowledge, Cost & Time boxes. I believe the current third sector and small enterprise technology issues are due to a culture of upgrading without an effective Digital Development or Digital Transformation plan, as
Julie Dodd recognises in the Culture theme of The New Reality.

Perhaps knowing this, Microsoft have set up the
#UpgradeYourWorld hashtag campaign to help them select global and local nonprofit partners (One will be a UK charity). The Global Partner will win $500K and the Local Partners will win $50K each as well as new technology. The Global partner entries closed on 23AUG15 and the **Local Partner search starts on 01SEP15**.

Even if you don't win, the thinking behind submitting your entry will help clarify thoughts on how digital development can help your organisation achieve its aims and objectives, become more efficient and effective and increase sustainability - that can only be a good thing.

Get ready to enter on 01SEP15 - save the date to your calendar
now - good luck!

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