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The Ultimate Online Office

Google Apps Offer
The Complete Online Office solution for the busy organisation ready to take a leap into modern digital development…and a discount code for you too!

The Complete Online Office Solution

A recent paper from think tank NPC says Charities are being left behind in the technology race as they are unable to meet the public’s need to find information, access services and communicate online. In my experience, this is true for many small businesses too.

Lack of awareness and lack of skills are the main barriers to slow uptake of digital development but there are often straightforward solution waiting to be used. All organisations need is an independent helping hand to highlight the right tools for the job.

All Too Current Problem
For instance, take a small organisation with 3 staff all working on their own devices. They work day to day by:
  • Moving files and folders from laptop to laptop on a memory stick
  • Logging in to the same single personal hotmail email address full of spam
  • The Company paper diary lives in the Director’s bag
  • They can only work when they’re in the office, not when their customers and clients are active online
  • Using WordPad to write documents
  • Unable to update their overpriced and out of date website
Sadly, this isn't an unusual story. And there’s a business-grade, high-end solution available for a low and manageable cost. Which means organisations don’t have to build new solutions but simply adopt and adapt the technology that already exists for them.

Problem Solved?
I've been fortunate enough to move a few organisations over to the Google Apps for Work solution which offers a solution to all the above problems in one go. All it needs is a little time to set up and a short training session or two and organisations can be up and running, safe and secure both safely, securely and fully backed up. And be connected with the team and customers online, anytime, anywhere.

What is it?
Google Apps provides people with:
  • Customised email address (
  • Contacts and Calendar to share with the team
  • Ability to create, edit and share files on the go from anywhere
  • Works seamlessly on any internet enabled device such as your phone, laptop or tablet
  • Ability to save files and folders in Drive to share instantly with team members, customers, clients, funders etc
  • Free video conferencing software included
  • Survey software included
  • Ability to create, edit and manage your own website included
  • 30 GB of storage
  • 24/7 support
Google Apps Screenshot

Sounds Expensive, it’s not for us
It costs £3.30 per user per month. That’s pretty good value. And your first 30 days are free.
Oh, and if you sign yourself up with this
link you’ll save £6.50 per user in the first year if use the special secret code: ACN3DVHPRLEF44 9J73RLQXJN7V37

So it’s a cost-effective and viable solution for many organisations, with manageable costs and all the control in your own hands. If it sounds like something you’d like to talk about then please contact me on 07905 716906 or
get in touch online for a free consultation.
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