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Reflecting on the VCSSCamp 15

Reflections on a inspirational day with voluntary sector colleagues talking digital and wondering if there's enough strategic thinking going on…

Reflecting on the VCSSCamp Conference

I spent the hottest day of the year under wraps at VCSSCamp Four in the lovely Innovation Birmingham Campus in Birmingham with 50 or so inspirational Third Sector Infrastructure colleagues talking tech.

The unconference format meant there was no fixed agenda (only fixed coffee and lunch times!) and us delegates had equal opportunity to share and discuss what mattered to us and our organisations.

VCSSCamp15 Topics

After more than 10 years delivering Digital Development support in the Third Sector, I found the increase in knowledge and delivery of digital very positive. Out of the twenty topics for the breakout session, around half were focussed on Social Media. This is great as it shows we've moved from sessions on 'What Is It' to 'How to Start Doing It' to now where people are asking "How do we do it more effectively?".

I think 'doing it more effectively' really means: 'doing it strategically'. So the strength is that voluntary & community organisations and leaders are embracing and engaging with social media, yet there is a clear gap in strategic social media and digital communications thinking within the sector.

Fortunately, a couple of the sessions trod this water by looking at techniques for Digital Transformation to help organisations on their journey to embed effective technology within their internal operational procedures as well as their external communications. The useful The New Reality research findings offer a '20 Ways to Achieve Digital Transformation' infographic which starts with Mindset and People and ends with Process and Tools.

I think the sector has a tendency to start with Tools and as such still needs to embed the Mindset. Only through more national, regional, local and digital spaces like VCSSCamp will more Third Sector Digital Evangelists be able to help the leaders and funders to 'get' digital.

Change is in the air…I feel a Wales VCSSCamp coming on...

VCSSCamp 15 Closing Remarks
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