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Top Tech Tools for the Sector

Some 'Essential' digital development tools that are no-cost or low-cost for new and existing organisations
As part of a piece of work with WCVA in Winter 14/15 to help train frontline development staff in Welsh County Voluntary Councils (CVCs - local third sector infrastructure organisations) I developed this 'Quick Reference Guide' to support CVC Development Workers in raising awareness of and signposting to advice on mainstream technologies that can support the Third Sector organisations to become more efficient, effective and sustainable.

The presentation helped the teams understand the attitudes, barriers, and lack of innovative technology uptake in the sector before highlighting the benefits of using some essential low-cost or no-cost technology tools. Whilst this set of tools was aimed at new start up Third Sector organisations that would not have Charitable status, they can be adopted by almost any organisation or enterprise in any sector to help them start off with the right tech.

Key Themes
The guide looks at ways to manage and promote organisations with minimal cost and effort within the key themes of:
  • Office Tools & Collaboration
  • Online Marketing & Promotion
  • Organising Meetings & Events
  • Publishing

This captures much of the core activity and of course there will always be more to add, such as better survey tools like Google Forms and perhaps some basic online fundraising.

Are there any more that can be seen as 'essential'?
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