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Coaching for Developing Leaders, Managers and Teams in West Wales and beyond

As an ILM Level 7 qualified Coach and Mentor, I specialise in helping leaders and managers across all levels improve their leadership skills, their performance, their ability to prioritise and how they deal with change. The honest feedback and support in an open and safe environment helps transform individuals and teams to improve efficiency and effectiveness,

This coaching will mainly focus on the coachees’ positive aspects in order to support them to identify and achieve their goals and to move forward in their life and work - the emphasis is on achievable possibilities rather than limitations. My coaching allows people to recognise, explore and develop their strengths and helps align their goal attainment with their relevant strengths, which in turn build hope, optimism and motivation to achieve positive results.
My career background is predominantly with the third sector and this is where the majority of my clients come from, however the techniques used and the coaching process works for coachees from a variety of backgrounds.

I have always prioritised the investment in people over profit and have recognised the power that positive face to face engagement can have to individuals’ personal development. I have also worked as a Project Manager delivering successful change management projects around technology and am skilled at translating complex technical information and jargon into relevant, everyday language for the benefit of clients and colleagues.

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